Terminal logistic frigorific ALASKA - depozitare a produselor alimentare congelate, refrigerate si spatiu de depozitare uscata. Romana

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Terminalul logistic frigorific ALASKA

The ALASKA Cold Storage Processing Terminal

is placed on a plot of land with an area of 2 ha and includes frozen and refrigerated foods warehousing facilities and a dry warehousing area.

The entire complex provides storage with controlled temperature (cold air with ammonia) is built according to European norms regulating this activity, the latest technologies of refrigeration appliances fitted with sensors to record temperature and humidity to ensure optimal preservation of stored products.

We have our own waste water station (BIOCLAR) to ensure the environmental protection. We also provide office space for our customers.

Transport si depozitare refrigerate
Frozen Foods Warehouse

Frozen Foods Warehouse

it is destinated for fish and meat products. The storage temperature is 18 °C below zero. We also have a quick-freeze tunnel with a 32 °C below zero controlled temperature. The storage is made on wooden supports shelved on steel racks. As the European Union rules stands, between the storing area and the outer wall a tranzit air lock is present.

Refrigerated Foods Warehouse

Refrigerated Foods Warehouse

is mainly destinated for vegetables, fruits and milk products. The storing temperature is 2-8 °C. The warehouse has gliding, thermo insulating doors and mobile and mobile landing stages.
The moving of goods is made with special adapted electropilers at low temperatures.
The ammonia cold installation is completly automatised.


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